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When will I get free shipping?

You get free shipping with the purchase of more than three boxes (45 bottles).

How many Erebos drinks can I drink a day?

Erebos is suitable for regular use. The optimal daily allowance may vary. However, due to the caffeine content, it can range between 1–2 bottles a day.

I’m trying to lose weight, is Erebos suitable for me?

Erebos drink contains 7 herbs, some of which optimize human metabolism. It is also available in the Dry version, which has 0 kcal and does not contain any sugar or sweeteners, so Erebos can be a suitable supplement even for weight loss.

Can I pick up the order in Billa as well?

You cannot pick up an order from the e-shop in Billa. However, you can buy Erebos Drink in the regional food section in Billa stores in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

Where can I pick up Erebos?

We will send the parcel to your address via courier or to any branch of the PPL parcel shop. You can also buy Erebos Drink directly in one of the points of sales: Shell petrol station / Billa Stop and Shop, regional food section in Billa stores in the Moravian-Silesian Region, or health food shops, etc.

Does Erebos contain caffeine?

Yes, but only from natural sources – herbs. The caffeine content is 39 mg/100 ml.

Who is Erebos not suitable for?

Due to the caffeine content, we do not recommend its consumption to children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Is caffeine the only active ingredient?

No, caffeine is just one of the active ingredients that make Erebos a functional beverage. Thanks to the content of herbs and unique production by steeping, it contains the whole spectrum of active ingredients. All are of a purely natural origin.

Can I order more than one version of the drink in one box?

Yes, if you want to try all variants of our drink, you can order a mix with all 5 versions of the drink.



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